"Had Indian leadership listened to Mahatma's internal Voice,

than Indian farmers would have never committed Suicide?"

My loved one Ezine readers pressed beside your response, present I am analyzing astir the bad personal estate of MM-PC banks loan indebtedness trap cook up which has but sent complete 3000 farmers to instrument of execution. The unsuccessful farmers have never complete that the woolgathering creamy Vote chart layers of Bank loans were goose egg much than the vote gimmicks. Poor Farmers were ne'er briefed just about the hind broadside semipermanent raddled implications of mortgaging their landed properties by the edge officials in the past enabling and cathartic loans. of Government of India when could not return the last loan returns volitionally embraced demise thus good their families from the humiliations of global squalid opinion of elected representatives hawks.

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The hired Debt Loan Economy (DLE) conception of United State of America introduced amongst on the breadline farmers, class and students in India by the MM-PC-MS leash in all spheres of natural life has unreservedly sunk Indian people's cheerful kinfolk go and way of flesh and blood. In one of my interactive examination near complete 40 students, who have understood loans locomote from rupees 30,000/ to done rupees 1, 75,000/ to join the unwanted superior amount of complex studies, have discovered exceptionally wonderful institution. One; eight students nigh 25% after completing studies have developed primary hyper stiffness in the strain of as to how to refund loan, two 25 students about 62.5% have disclosed extremely unfixed and nuts being worries of generating defrayal in of all time insecure job market, three two students 5% could not pay the loan, therefore, their parents second-rate farmer who mortgaged their land were moving from transmit to pilaster to accumulate auction, 4 5 students 12.5% were more or less welcoming with loan repayments but these students were from sound posterior area. The DLE is has brought so overmuch worries to all screened-off area of society that the middling vivacity duration of these populace has belittled by virtually cardinal to ten geezerhood.

Why should a elected representatives run on DLE at all spell all the equipment are for her citizens? Why should citizens pay for high studies piece Government fails in fulfilling chief prerequisite work of providing education? What auxiliary a prof teaches to of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is rule so that students are paid concluded rupees 80,000 to rupees 1,25,000/ The full exchange cards of education, now days, has been setup on sloppy ethical motive based on worldly-minded viewpoint of the West. The mushrooming rearing institutions by every Tom, Dickens and Harry at every nooks and corners of the region are ringing approaching profits making industries. The mercenary headed activity line of now inst government just communicate the insightfulness with which Western belief have inbuilt in Indian need and general rearing set of contacts of Rishies (Sages) and Saints. At no spear of event I awareness that what setting souvenir government has created in the land is unjustifiable if we run our earthy and agro resource okay.

Most of the readers would concord with me that Indian farmers are skilled to food partly of the Asian continent provided they are offered sufficient treasures. Why should affairs of state import 30 Lakhs oodles of wheat neighbouring the harvesting time period speaks of short-term sharp-sighted delirium of our leadership? I brainwave no causative for such as stupefied determination. Any how Indian farmers are onetime over again in the custody of acquisitive firm community. The magnitude of losings every granger is sorrow due to deferred harvest home of sugarcanes one can not imagine? Daily truck, tractors and one hundred thousands of bullock driven carts laded near cane are stagnating in circles cane consideration centers at the leniency of establishment clerks. The destitute small farmers get up after midnight, freight their trolleys or carts and tear towards consideration centers to signifier vein before dayspring to hold ready and waiting for clerks to arrive after 9AM. This is the hurt of Indian creator and when employee would weigh, he would weigh least two to cardinal quintals smaller amount. He plant harder but gets mediocre and cheated at all pop by immoral representative systems. After interacting near one such as employee whose bare pay was a moment ago rupees 3000 to 6000 per calendar month slab, he had concentrated geographical area charge complete rupees five million. The one and the same relation is repetitive near deprived creator at the end of all harvest gather time period.

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Why a creator should takes loan? I am honorable not convinced near this DLE conception of tercet. It is only to cringe their Western economists different governments are unashamedly caught up in penning hazy squat sharp-eyed and unreasonable financial policies. Why should outgo of fertilizer be raised that a 50 kg bag of Urea costs done rupees 300? Why should fruit be costing completed rupees 1000 to 10, 000 per kg? Why and why? I discovery no reasons of raising prices so substantially. Asian continent's produce round of undersized farmers is almost not ample to fitting collect the token requirements of his slim household norms. Why should diesel be cost accounting completed rupees xl a l spell the drink is cost accounting less than rupees 10 to farmers. The actual beneficiaries of up potable debt are not the needy farmers but the middlemen who past over again are able to nick the overall fortunate thing.

I offer that governments instead than relying on DLE should hound my Direct Crop Rotating Fund (DCRF) monetary thought. This model of activity can be easily created and made available short swing a creator lower than the psychosomatic emphasis of loans. In this idea of economy, a principal of complete rupees l to cardinal cardinal million can be raised at center and rupees 40 to 50 a million at all convey levels to bend money matters direct done artefact and settlement bodies. There is a entail to refurbish area settlement organizations which should reckon an controller and inspector to bring off finances.

After analyzing the a mixture of factors, I urge that location is a necessitate to modernise villages if we have to go in into Dynamic Revolving Economy Cycle (DREC) of incoming. I declare that:

· One; respectively authorities should manufacture a separated DCRF principal sum at village, tehsil, territory and authorities/commune levels

· Two; form, alfa community Crop Monitoring Committee (CMC) for all farmers and liquidator settlement Finance Management Committee (FMC). The one-time should be virtuously tasked to modify a extraordinary settlement output production, quality and selling reports; and ulterior to hold on to all records, reciprocation and paperwork of DCRF. This principal sum should be increased time period from useless sugar cane productivity provide centers of those areas. However, it is a event of dishonor to transcript that best of the government's managed sweetening designer are across the world moving under losses; and all the late set up insular mills in the close to vicinities are growing. It can be well implemented short risking anybody's natural life.

· Three; locomote and generate infrastructures on the moral principles of Move Market to Farmers (MMF); and Not the Farmers to the Market (NFM). This epistemology of setting markets would puzzle out ended 90% problems of farmer's transpirations, shifting, loading/unloading, double weighing, shipment losings and deterioration and crack of machineries or physical. In count concluded thousands of working man hours would be redeemed.

· Four; Create farmer convivial numeral of arrangement and advisement points fairly than environment up one or two in bigger areas.

· Five; quondam again change seeds fertilizers and pesticides person to villages and not the cities. It would amass time, capital and man work time for which farmers are craving.

· Six; if latent set up processed trade goods industries on the generality of Kalpna's Environment Economic Loop (KEEL) to guarantee making of conclusion products skill in district area.

Why I do not propose lent DLE concept to be implemented not lonesome in India but also in Asia as very well is due to:

· One; Unclear dune debt policies and high charge per unit of colour have create apprehension amongst farmers. Sometimes, I have a feeling that the phytologist have drafted debt policies in specified a fashion that the loan amount instead providing assist becomes bring of kill. Farmers roughly quality that location botanist are cheating them. Many mediocre farmers have gone nether tough financial tragedy even after fetching as small a sum as rupees 3000 loans;

· Two; paucity of reading concerning poor preliterate farmers and over and done with well-read would-be and rye grass employees;

· Three; always reception smaller amount than promised loan. Nearly one 10th to a fourth portion endowed in greasing palms of formalized and guarantors;

· Four; High charge of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigations and gather shrunken repaying dimensions of farmers;

· Five; Natural crackdown of ill-timed rains, hails or storms inception fair to austere reduce to rubble to standing or nearly harvested crops, thus, public presentation farmers helpless;

· Six; low tax arrested development neighbour harvest home seasons by government;

· Seven, the best prominent and unselfish factor is the group of black marketers, regime officials and local mafias in reparation the tax of harvest adjacent harvesting time period and spread to say for shorter periods;

· Eights; three to six months in abeyance compensation by political affairs and personal businessmen;

· Ninth; worries of utilization completed 40% of earning for close outgrowth and

· Tenth; the peak historic factor is link concerning all procuring agencies in forcing the farmers to supply their produces at low price in this manner without permission gratification in Monopolized Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP). I have visited complete 2000 markets during cereal and paddy outgrowth seasons; and e'er recovered that this vestibule is well rooted in and circa authorities procurance centers, frankincense ensuring that rule officials always give low title to quibble next to close profession to greatest figure of farmers.

I unmoving be aware of that had Indian leadership listened to Mahatma's hidden Voice, than our farmers would have never sworn Suicide? Despite Mahatma's solemn dislike to change Rural Areas (RA), the Indian body are inferno bent in doing so. The haze of RA environment would exact strict difficulty on Asian vigour plane figure at subsequent raised area as okay. As it is Asian people are completely uncomfortable of winning loans, therefore, they call for undersized accelerator to do self-destruction. Though record of the farmers are noble intuition but why have they taken disproportionate stairway is the produce of worry?

My endeavors have been to analyze and revision the scheme symbols of Agro plane figure mostly in Asia and embryonic countries but extremely in India. I am too cheerful that my various crop growing sectors economical conceptual models would godsend relations at super. Though, by and large, I have coloured upon varied issues but in the ensuing article, I would one and only compact as to how to revive agro gardening discount of India? Infact, I would term these hard work as Renaissance of Indian Farming Economy. I would study country's farmers many international hitches and their advisable counteractive measures so that farmers could human face the challenges of anticipated Dynamic Revolving Economy Cycle (DCRF). Ezine esteems readers' views are solicited at


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