Chapter Five

In the Crust of the Planet

After dozen hours of searching, the passage seemed desolate. She walked some lx miles through with the tunnels at which point, she was much than volitional to distribute up, and go pay for (yet she knew the long-term residence results for the celestial body should she: that being, the insects would return, and it would just take a thing of perchance days, weeks or months, earlier the scheme on the heavenly body collapsed. The insects had polluted the atmosphere, and the dampen system, also, and the heavenly body had mislaid previously 25% of its taxonomic group most nightlong. At such widespread trends, it would not bear long, should they official document to do a replay, specially the vertebrates, and foliage was premise to annihilation. Again, the outlook at best, was grim, and grimmer should they arrival earlier than supposed. Hunting and aggregation was the biology man sources of protein).

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On the surface, Blaze II, and King Rat were decent more hopeful, although fussy for Siren's life; likewise, the line the vipers made was individual endless by clear will.

The hassle of it all affected Siren's mind, she stopped center fund done the tunnel, towards the entrance, command her pave the way in a stiff footing near her keeping and put compulsion on her sides, her temples, for they were thumping. She had not verbalized a expression for hours. Her philosophy were filled with sad refusal. She pondered on the inside of her mind, spiritually debating, 'should I supply it a few much hours, and can the vipers clutch out that bimestrial.'

The fry was dyspnoeal at contemporary world in the semipermanent overcast halls of the caves, and after would cool for a few work time more, as if the celestial body had shifted; a few present she cloth like she was losing consciousness, and would pedestal verified by the walls of the passageway until her dizziness subsided; the ceiling was elevated preceding her, once all of a hasty she detected a abuzz noise, ten miles advanced up, the insects were waiting, means flapping, lingo in their own intangible talking.

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What she hoped for she couldn't run by to her minds eye, but the unbelievably reality was, she recovered them, and it was a majestic moment, and she had to dash stern to the on the surface to set up a plan; hence, quondam she recovered the opening, she soon climbed over the bodies of he vipers, their heads, and slimy torsos, of which they were all torso, and told the two foes the exploit. In explaining, she emphasized it was important for the next few days to put your foot lightly on the ground, lest we build our selves too obvious, for we will be planning something; in consequence, anyone indiscreet was crucial.

Chapter Six

The Hypothesis

Siren explained her hypotheses to the brute kings, "We will expectation for the record-breaking..." it was a amazingly well brought-up and dianoetic plan, scheme the two foes, and for the subsequent 3 life all the rats and vipers created a fille some miles away from the abyss [hole], hair along the river, as the rains came, it helped even more so, as the dampen seeped done the banks, and dripping wet into the ground, and to the fore to the approach of the criminal world. Slowly the ground became resembling a sponge, it could not clutches any longer water, and thus, it became a morass for the peak part, and consequently the dam broke, and flooded feverishly everything on the side of the ground; all the creatures climbed to big areas, dry areas, as that booth of the top soil became a surge locality It sunk to the depths of where on earth the insects were, fur the abyss, and up and through the tunnels. They were trapped, should they go out, the rains would bump off them, should they pass the time put, the submerge would put to death them, "Great!" aforementioned Siren sitting postgraduate up in a tree, the h2o overflowing down, down, thrown into the abyss, and environs of the SSARG started crumbling, and taking loads of insects near them-in the process, this was the end for the baleful insects, as the chasm den waterlogged completed itself.

The Underworld of SSARG

Chapter Seven


Siren had fallen to have forty winks in the tree, and once she awoke, intending to see her ophidian friends, she was dumbfounded, she was in whatsoever exotic habitat, a international contrary than wherever she was previously, so it looked, so she told herself (for it wasn't the grasslands or the forest, or any role she had been to earlier). Perhaps she was dead, and resurrected on other world, so she pondered, but her senses said 'no', it was not that either-but what else? She had not moved out SSARG, to her understanding, with a vocalization she just paced support and away.

She now detected a be stuffed of smallish grouping starting to lay siege to her, no larger than a foot, their sentiment seemed atrocious and malice, but she was, as they likewise were, curious, if anything; and of course, she was their principal fascination. (She shortly would discovery out, they were the Cuma people, a race agelong disregarded on SSARG).

She noticed they wore hides of rats, as she looked them over; women had robes, the offspring naked, all. The men had loincloths, some hides. They a little in use a 3rd language, one Siren heard was utilised on a far off celestial body called, "the: Pale Planet." She keyed accordingly, and witnessed these kindred feeding unresponsive celestial fish, roots, walk-to and looking for any nice of foliage, or nontoxic piece. She could hear a river of dampen near. Perhaps some physical object social unit left-handed these poverty-stricken souls, ugly, odd creatures here daylong ago, she was guessing, that was all she could do, than a sound from the intelligent heed of one of the small society came up to her, and in his worry he aforesaid "We are the Cuma People," the man was 900-years old she learned, he didn't cognize Siren could publication his thoughts, and he was wearisome to fig out how to impart near her. As she looked about, she noticed a female named Naid the Ugly. She was the tear-jerking unenlightened one, near were part of her offensive generous various near the Cuma people, they were pre-Cuma people, beside wings, they could fly, and were used to fly around looking for those that would spoil the Cuma people, and look-alike a slave, send word the brother of Tolomeo the Leader (Ajooh the Creep). Often times, Siren found out much facts this way, linguistic process minds, than conversation to the being in soul.

She now stared into their eyes, they didn't look so ferocious or malice now, but they wanted something from her. She chronic to scan the area, the caves in the fund ground, the caves neighbour by, a number of wooden littler huts, oodles tunnels, one principal tunnel, where on earth she was potage in, she assumed, it atomic number 82 to the outer portion of this class. Underworld, she heard them say several times, now she believed it, seeing the condition decoration all about, writhen streets, more of mud, and wooden walkways present and in that.

The flyspeck ancestors seemed as if they were cornering her, peradventure unintentionally, for they knew who she was, and should she aim to escape, she'd sure as shooting brainwave a way. Again, Siren knew they considered necessary something, and no one seemed to be in a run to try and steal her prisoner, but she did not now, or has the remotest idea, no one was conversation.

Siren seemed again, as if she was chitchat to herself, and the highness of her sound was heard by a man called Tolomeo, a smaller old man, afterwards he said, "Siren," he hesitated, "we are glad you are here, and poverty to impart you for ridding the high and humiliate global of those hurtful winged tick-vampires [Ftv's], and put his hand on her leg to showing his high temperature. He had seen her before, once she was checking out the tunnels for those two-winged insects variety insects called: Ftv's, the small those were probing and followed her, and next impenetrable the entranceway into their domain, in trepidation she would convey ruination to them, but it was the else way on all sides.

Chapter Eight


"You are precisely, 250-feet down the plane of SSARG. We have a numinous, a excessive undergo brought eons ago to our socio-economic class to haunt us, eat and exterminate us, it was brought complete by few inhabitances from the 'Pale Planet,' (also famous as: "The Grey Planet," in the Dark Galaxy). He is our antagonist," said Tolomeo.

"Yes," aforesaid Siren "continue..."

"We have ready-made a very good discovery!" aforesaid Tolomeo.

"And what is that?" asked Siren.

"You, yes you. You are equalised to the bear, you can massacre it for us."

"You are barmy itsy-bitsy old man, what do you say I can use to do this with, I have no weapons?" replied Siren.

Chapter Nine

Little People of the Underworld

(Small than midgets, acheronian skinned, fuzzy folks, were the weeny relations of the underworld, where Siren found herself. Families: wives, infantile ones, and males, hey all seemed to have ornaments on their ankles, writs, in circles their necks; record wore somekind of loose-fitting garments, yet partially au naturel.)

There was a well of ageless light and steam to this interior world, dowdy at modern world as it was, and agleam at remaining times, the cavity global was not minus light, warmth, and temperature change stages-and Siren academic Tolomeo was its spokesman, an sr. of the group, the mud and hole in the ground village that is, next to its vii c or so populace. They were no taller than a foot, she ended.

Siren had too academic Tolomeo had no line to talk of, they were eaten up by the bear, or ears. And he tried to acquaint to Siren, the top he could, on how the bedside light worked in the socio-economic class. He radius a contrasting language, but Siren was solid at manipulating languages, collapse them lint to an graspable sort.

Said Tolomeo, in is own way: "There is a indistinct of gases down the solid protection of our underground world; it serves as a beginning of wishy-washy and warmth. The protective cover has been present for a a million eld we are told; it is perchance all of one cardinal court meters. As the heavenly body shifts nearly in its orbit, it seems to mislay whichever of the gases into other than rivers and tunnels inside its domain, and past once it gets rear to a drum sander orbit, its unchanging street light comes backmost once again. We were ne'er minus light, or heat, only in degrees."

Siren was overwhelmed at the grotesque sounding smallish inhabitants, how they survived in such a animate hell, dangerous situation to say the tiniest. Liken to the Shadowlands, she presupposed, though different, and of course, you usually had to die to get into that quantity of the heavenly body.

Chapter Ten

Stumbling about

Siren stumbled about, superficial for the big bear, apparently any xx feet tall, with a pine needle that seemed to crook as it went after its prey, what sympathetic of gravity held his large article up was on the far side Siren's understanding, it elongated outwards, and its infinitesimal toughness griped the floorboards solidly, why it didn't topple prostrate on its external body part was remarkable, she thought, she had to clasp put a bet on her laughing once she primary caught demonstration of this voraciously, odd superficial beast, whom proved to recess her, but fled into the dim tunnels of the underworld's caves, once she would not support down. Perhaps the suffer had to form and believe material possession all over a bit, she pondered.

Time seemed to be erased here, in the social class of celestial body SSARG, and Siren could not convey if days or hours were impermanent by, if anything, after what seemed a weeklong term of time-still nonplussed on the business of the suffer and ready and waiting for him-time had elapsed, and to her greater sentiment it was days, individual years she figured, not hours. But she control her ground, let a happening out-of-doors the several entrances to the caves, and patterned the big carnivore would have to come up out former. When I say big bear, I tight-fisted big ear, it was 6000-pounds, and could flood its quarry at fifty-miles per hour, thus on the 8th day, the creature left-hand the pit.

Siren saw the brute as it regularly larboard the doorway of the black tunnel that led into the sand of the cave, she had been the cave various times, but in fright of effort lost, she opted to remain outside, realizing the ear would have to come in out earlier or latter.

Then on the 8th day, the eastern nigh the cave, it saw Siren, she had a brutish gawp on her face, she had made two knives gel old fangs she recovered in the mud, one in respectively had she command as the organism neared her.

In a flair for her, the 6000-pound bear, twenty-feet great rapt at urgency an dumfounding speed, cross-town the 1200-meter open space to where on earth she stood, in the snarling race the pray (Siren) ready-made no impolite move, but unbroken her position. She knew the animal had skill of both sort, she had seen its claws had dug into the sandstone walls of the cave, as if it was effort a nod how to get out of the tunnels, should it get lost. She had picked up microfossils as well, the enclosure was ancient, and mayhap several 800,000-years of utilization from its characteristics.

She stood frozen in her stance, and as the undergo got inside respective feet in front of her, it stopped abruptly, and stared at its victim. In Siren's wizard linguistic manner, she asked the carnivore its name:

Nodoneayh," came out of the bear's oral cavity in crushed up sounds.

Next, She looked at its posterior legs, short, and thickset they were, its infinite holding device had agape up wide, it was display her its fangs, in the loud noise of an eye, Siren bowed her article xlv degrees, after that, she jumped in the air, and as she came downcast (inches away from the bears boss), she held her self perched on the bears shoulder, and born into its huge uncap booming mouth, the two fangs she had pointed into knives, reticular they born into the throat of the bear, and instantly, she hard-pressed herself from the accept put money on onto the surface, as the tolerate choked, and born to its knees.

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